GIS Mapping and Surveys

Collection and interpretation of data is a prerequisite for effective forest management.


In order to manage your woodland effectively, the first step must be to collect and analyse information about it. Miller Land Management can provide a wide range of woodland survey and measurement services, carried out by qualified professionals using the latest GPS technology, including:

  • Valuations
  • NVC / habitat surveys and mapping
  • PAWS assessment
  • Species surveys (e.g. BAP and European Protected Species, rhododendron)
  • Forest mensuration / timber volume assessments
  • Boundary surveys

We have a wealth of experience in forestry mapping using Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and provide contract mapping services to a number of forest management companies.

GIS uses computer-based maps and databases to show information and carry out data analysis. Using our GIS skills, complex information can be captured, processed and analysed and then be clearly and simply depicted in readily understandable map form. GIS provides the ability to integrate and manipulate multiple layers of geospatial data, and is thus an important tool in multi-purpose forest management.

We can output GIS data in a number of standard GIS file formats including Mapinfo (.TAB) and ESRI / ArcGIS (.SHP), electronic formats such as JPGs or PDFs, or as printed paper maps, according to your requirements.

Applications include:

  • Compartment and sub-compartment databases and maps
  • Timber inventory, harvesting and restocking plans
  • Interpretation and presentation of survey data, habitat mapping
  • Landscape and environmental impact assessment
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