Forest Management

Let Miller Land Management assist in the stewardship of your woodland.


Whether your interest is in commercial timber production, habitat conservation or management for amenity, Miller Land Management can provide a range of services to help you achieve your objectives.

For commercial properties we can advise on sustainable timber harvesting and marketing and assist with access improvements, restocking and post-planting maintenance operations. Our services include supervision and management of contractors, budget control, obatining consents such as felling licences and planning permissions, and applications for grant funding.

We also have a wealth of experience in woodland management for conservation and have worked closely with the National Trust and Wildlife Trusts as well as private owners to produce plans aimed at enhancement of native woodland habitats and restoration of planted ancient woodland sites. We are also experienced in the management of designated sites such as Sites of Special Scientific Interest.

Grants - England

Find out what funding is available for woodland management via Countryside Stewardship

Grants - Wales

Disover the funding available from the Welsh Government via Glastir Woodlands

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