Creating New Woodland

We can design, plant and maintain your new woodland.


Miller Land Management offer a full range of tree planting and establishment services to ensure that your planting scheme is a success: from small field corners to more extensive projects requiring tens of thousands of trees.We believe that there is a great deal more to successful tree establishment than simply getting the trees in the ground and aim to provide a comprehensive pre- and post-planting service to our clients.

We have many years experience in the design of new woodlands, especially new native woodlands, to ensure that they meet all the requirements of the UK Forest Standard.

Successful woodland creation depends on carefully matching species to site conditions (such as elevation, aspect, soil type and depth) in order to ensure healthy growth and survival of the trees.

In the case of native woodlands it may be preferable to use species of local provenance as these are adapted to the local climate and retain the genetic characteristics of the local gene pool. However the impacts of climate change may mean that other provenances may be better adapted to future site conditions.

Of perhaps equal importance is consideration of the landscape impact of the new woodland. It is essential to ensure that the woodland is in keeping with its surroundings in terms of location, size, shape and species planted. Other considerations include provision of access (both for walkers and for forestry machinery) and the retention or creation of non-woodland habitats such as rides, glades, and ponds within the woodland to enhance biodiversity.

We can also assist with grant applications to fund woodland creation. Government grant schemes are increasingly focussed on the delivery of climate change mitigation, water quality enhancement and flood risk reduction capabilities of woodlands. By careful design and appropriate siting, woodland creation projects can provide a multitude of benefits.

We would be pleased to offer advice on any aspect of woodland design and establishment -please contact us .


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